Number of shorter time units in one year   m   Annual payment (1)
Semiannual payments (2)
Four-monthly payments (3)
Quarterly payments (4)
Bimonthly payments (6)
Monthly payments (12)
Weekly payments (52)
Daily payments (365)

Annual effective rate of interest   i Type in any field for conversion to the other two interest rates.
Effective rate of interest per time unit   i(m)
Nominal rate of interest    j(m)   

For the conversion made among the annual effective rate of interest ( i ), the effective rate of interest per time unit ( i(m) ) and the nominal rate of interest ( j(m) ) we used the following formula:

As you can see, all we need to make the conversion is the number of time unit or number of payments per year ( m ) and any of the three rates of interest. Then, the converter is capable of getting the other two.